This project emerged from one Englishman’s long-standing passion for Italian football.

A passion first ignited by the sights, sounds and stadia of the 1990 World Cup, and subsequently nurtured through Channel 4’s coverage of Serie A’s golden era. In retrospect, the footage of global superstars on sunny winter afternoons, transmitted through a 14” television, provided a certain amount of escapism for a young man.

Later on, this passion developed into an appetite for travel in order to experience first-hand the exhilaration of the curva, and a growing thirst for knowledge about the rich history of calcio. There’s also a burgeoning collection of Italian football shirts, which may at some point become the source of marital disharmony.

It is all of these things the provide the inspiration for CalcioEngland.

Founded in 2018, these themes resonate widely with visitors and followers drawn from all corners of the globe, with articles from the site having been translated in Italian, Polish and Bulgarian.




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