Tifosi! – Gift Boxes For Calcio Connoisseurs

We’re delighted to announce a new offering for Italian football fanatics…

Our latest offerings are live here!

Tifosi! – what is it?

Bespoke gift boxes for Italian football fans. Each box will be unique, designed with care and attention to detail, with contents sourced from an extensive network of contacts in Italy and the UK.

There’s none of this ‘mystery’ nonsense…you see exactly what you’ll be receiving before you make the purchase. The boxes will be priced individually in the range £25-45 (inclusive of UK postage) and will contain some or all of the following:

  • A brand new book, imported from Italy (Don’t speak Italian? Don’t worry – they will be illustrated books so can be enjoyed with even the smallest smattering of the language)
  • Brand new fan accessories, such as a hat or scarf
  • A unique original press photograph
  • Figurines and models
  • Trading cards and stickers, both classic and contemporary
  • A classic magazine or programme