Buyer’s Guide: Serie A Shirt Deals – March 2021

As the 2020/21 season builds towards its crescendo, we are beginning to see the emergence of some kit bargains! We’ve scoured the official online stores of every Serie A club to bring you the very best deals on 2020/21 shirts, detailing discounts and postage costs (all details accurate as of 15th March 2021).

The Deals…

Things are starting to heat up with around half of clubs having kicked off their end-of-season sales. There are some notable offers on Benevento, Verona and Roma shirts. Elsewhere, a fantastic offer on the Lazio Champions League shirt (it comes in a presentation box, complete with patches) is slightly undermined by the extortionate postage charge! Links to the club websites are provided at the end of the article.


Shipping and Import Costs…

Importing shirts to the UK from Europe has generally become more difficult and costly since 1st January 2021. There is an enormous range in shipping costs from official club stores, so its really important to take this into account. Kudos to Genoa, Juventus and Parma (all around €12). At the other end of the spectrum, it’s difficult to see how Napoli can justify €46, given return flights wouldn’t cost a lot more.

Since the beginning of the year there has also been a change in the way VAT is charged and collected. There is no VAT or duty to pay on imports valued at £135 or less (including the cost of postage). However, once you breach that magic threshold you’re paying VAT at 20% on the whole total, as well as a few per cent of import duty. Keep an eye on this!

Will You Find Them Cheaper?…

Possibly. For the bigger clubs you may well find better deals through manufacturer’s sites, UK-based sports retailers or other platforms, where you don’t have to incur the postage charges (e.g. the fantastic deal on the Roma 3rd shirt is blown out of the water by a domestic option here, once postage is taken into account). However, if you’ve got your heart set on a Benevento Third shirt, the club website might be the only place you can get it.

As you can see, some clubs are yet to start their sales and we’re likely to see more discounts as we roll into the Spring. However, if there is something you have your eye on it can be a game of jeopardy. The popular designs are likely to sell out (e.g. Inter shirts if they secure their first scudetto in a decade?). But we might also see some mega-sales too, with the likes Roma and Napoli changing their manufacturer this summer there is likely to be a fire sale of stock at some point.

That’s your roundup – helpful links to club websites below!

Club Link
Hellas Verona

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