Firecrackers and Ice Cubes: An Analysis of Mischief in Serie B

Each week, the Serie B authorities dish out a series of fines relating to events that occurred during the previous matchday. These sanctions typically relate to the behaviour of supporters, such as firecrackers and bottles thrown towards the pitch or opposition supporters.

We’ve analysed the data published on (up to matchday 16) to find out who’s been misbehaving and how.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that every week a handful of clubs are cited but not fined for the presence of illicit materials (usually pyrotechnics) in the curva. So long as these don’t end up on the pitch or in the opposition curva, the authorities seem happy to let it slide, so those don’t appear in the data.

There is a broad ‘tariff’, for example, the most common indiscretion is a simple smoke bomb or plastic bottle thrown onto the pitch, which will set you back around €1,000-2,000. The endangerment of players, officials, stewards or fans is an aggravating factor that will cause the fines increase. Likewise, if the incursion results in a delay to the match that’s likely to increase the bill.

The headlines:

  • There have been 40 fines issued, with a total value of €158,500
  • 15 out of 20 clubs have received at least one fine
  • Reggina and Palermo (5) have received the greatest number of fines, followed by Ascoli and Pisa (4)
  • The clubs receiving the largest total fines are; Palermo (€33,500), Ascoli (€30,500) and Pisa (€20,500)

The largest single fine was issued to Ascoli (€20,000) after matchday 13 for a litany of indiscretions, including unauthorised persons entering the pitch, offensive chanting aimed at the referee and plastic bottles thrown on the pitch. To round things off they were fined a further €5,000 for the behaviour of their President after the game. An expensive weekend.

The more unusual fines appearing in the data include a €3,000 fine for Venezia after their ball boys delayed the return of matchball. And it was all to no avail as the Venetians let their lead slip at home to Reggina on matchday 13. On matchday 16, Palermo were fined the not insignificant sum of €4,000 after their supporters threw ice cubes at visiting Como supporters. Palermo supporters had already been in trouble on matchday 6 for flooding the playing field with balloons at Frosinone, resulting in a €10,000 fine.

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