Shirt Reveal: Spezia 2019/20

Summer is a time when media departments in football clubs across the world go into overdrive, coming up with new and innovative ways of announcing new signings and revealing their new kit.

The kit reveal video is a phenomenon that has gathered a lot of momentum in recent years. This summer, Turkish club Trabzonspor have led the way, rightly receiving plaudits for a moving video that told the story of an impoverished young boy’s dream of wearing the club’s shirt. In an emotive finale to the film his dream comes true as he pulls on the shirt, not as fan, but as player.

One video that seems to have flown under the radar this summer is that of Serie B team Spezia. The video features an ageing Acquilotti supporter reminiscing amongst his memorabilia; he picks up the 1984/85 jersey and pulls it on. Something amazing happens and out of the darkness he is presented with a vision of the new shirt. And it’s all done against the backdrop of an Einaudi-esque film score. Whether this video helps to sell more jerseys or not is largely irrelevant; this is a beautiful piece of cinematography in its own right.

The shirt itself is manufactured by Italian teamwear producer Acerbis and reprises the pinstripes of the 1984/85 season. Aside from the attractive design it’s not immediately clear why this particular version was chosen as the basis for the new shirt. Spezia finished mid-table in Serie C2 in 1984/85.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot the scudetto-style shield on the shirt. This is to commemorate the unofficial championship won by the club in 1944. Spezia prevailed in a vastly altered and regionalised war-time championship. The Italian Federation recognised the achievement in 2002 and sanctioned the use of this unique emblem on the Spezia shirt thereafter.

Spezia finished in 6th place last season and will be looking to improve again this season in their quest to reach Serie A. They will have one English player in their ranks for the 2019/20 campaign, having signed young midfielder DJ Buffonge from Manchester United.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, take a look at my piece on the glorious kit history of Palermo.


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